Blog Authors

Blog Authors Wanted

We are seeking contributing blog authors worldwide to join us in our efforts to promote the endurance sports industry. As a contributing blogger you would:

Submit one unique blog post per month.

Post under a byline tagging you as the author.

Receive a bio on our site linked to yours.

Support a growing online social network for new, emerging, and pro athletes alike. 

Rejoice with eternal accolades in the form of awesomeness and enlightenment.

We encourage bloggers to be creative with their posts. Funny, serious, opinionated, loves/hates, lists…what you write about is up to you! We have three guidelines: you must be the original author of the post, the post must be previously unpublished elsewhere, and posts must relate to the endurance sports industry in some way. In some cases, we will provide topics. Otherwise, you are free to indulge us with your creativity. 

For consideration please e-mail us through our contact page and include:

Your name and e-mail contact

Two ideas for posts you would write

Links to your blog or previous blogging, as applicable OR a fully written blog post example if you do not have any links to share

A brief (3-5 sentences) statement on why you want to blog for us.

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