As we continue to build kuvinn up to its maximum potential. We would like to entreat passionate freelance developers, designers, photographers, SEO technicians, social media marketers, Illustrators, content writers, and backers who can make kuvinn better to reach out to us. Plugins, widgets, and app developers are high up our list. Come help us build kuvinn into something special. See the full list of openings below

Software Engineer

We are in need of a coder or coders who can write software for our platform. Our site is in its first generation, but we intend to expand its capabilities far beyond what we have created here. We are looking to connect with coders who want to be part of something special and have an interest in the endurance sports industry.

Content Administrator

We are looking for writers who can create compelling content for our website. Our content writers will create product reviews, social media posts and manage our content. We need writers who are comfortable taking the lead when it comes to writing about and publicizing our products and services. This includes adding value by actively engaging users and maintaining a cohesive brand voice across our platform.

Graphic Designer

We are seeking creative and experienced individuals who can create visual concepts and communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate our users. These designs will be used throughout our platform for advertisements, blog posts, user profiles, and other key elements throughout the site. Our designers will also be designing one of a kind dating profiles for our users.

Social Media Manager

We are looking for a social media manager who can control and manage our other social media content. Our social media accounts will be used in a specific way to promote our site and users. We need someone with strong writing skills, creativity, and knowledge of the endurance sports industry, someone who can develop relevant topics designed to reach our target audience on social media.

Podcast Host

As a podcast host, your responsibilities focus on offering commentary that engages our audience, interviewing guests, and performing other on-air duties during recording. Must be familiar with the endurance sports industry and be comfortable with a Q & A format.

Podcast Participants

Like what we are doing? Voice your opinion on our Podcast. Our live video format features face-to-face conversations and live show interaction. We are always searching for co-hosts, participants, and people of interest to engage in our monthly Podcast. Covering all subjects related to the endurance sports industry. Our Podcast will air randomly, so check our broadcast schedule for dates and times.

UI/UX Designers

We are searching for talented UI/UX designers who specialize in web design, branding, illustration, animation, and video. We hope to find someone who can take our user experience to new heights, someone who can make our interface, presentation, brand, and overall look even stronger.

Blog Authors

We are assembling a team of bloggers who are passionate about the endurance sports industry. Our intention is to be the leader in endurance sports articles that cover unique topics and behind the scenes happenings. We are looking for writers who can educate others while promoting the endurance sports industry.

Industry Insider

Currently, we are recruiting niche athletes who have a significant following, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Some athletes with fewer but dedicated followers will also be considered. These athletes must engage in an endurance sport and have a strong community reach. Industry Insiders will be prime candidates for our racing team as it develops.

Sports Photographers

We are looking for sports photographers who focus on the endurance sports industry. Selected pictures will be used throughout our site to draw attention to our brand and mission. Our photographers will receive full photo rights and recognition. In some cases, specific photos will be mashed with design to create unique visual images for our users. These photos will be used on our welcome page and throughout our whole site.

We are 100% self-funded and do not have a budget at this time to support salary-based or paid positions. All positions are freelance or volunteer only. If you are looking for a ground-level opportunity to gain exposure in the endurance sports industry, then this might be a great opportunity. We are also open to trade deals, shoutouts, and other forms of compensation. Anyone chosen to join our team will receive full accolades via promotional posts, site links, contributing staff recognition, and biography acknowledgment, and in an effort to gain the individual more exposure, work, and fans. Positions could evolve into paid positions once our platform is financially sound.

If your interested in any of the following positions, please reach out to us.