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Founder and CEO of Kuvinn a social network for the endurance sports industry




Charles Trujillo



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Triathlete | Duathlete | Runner




Kuvinn Racing Team


Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club


University of Colorado, Boulder

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Simple Living, Being Organized, Triathlons, Trail Running, Open Water Swimming, F1, Movies, Cooking, Mini Road Trips, Travel, Fashion, Start-Up’s, Creative Thinking, New Ideas.


What's Your Story?

Charles Trujillo has come a long way from being a pool rat, riding his Big Wheel, and out running the neighborhood bully! He began his running career by setting the 1984 Colorado State record at Northglenn High School in the two-mile event. Following that early success, Trujillo was awarded a full running scholarship to the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1984. At CU he won two Big Eight titles  ran his way onto the NCAA All American Track & Field team three times. After graduating from CU, Trujillo coached track and field at CU before racing professionally for six years on team Reebok. During that time he joined two US world teams, finishing 11th overall at the Junior World Cross Country Championships in Portugal, and competing in the World Half Marathon Championships in Oslo, Sweden.


After training in Mexico for three months prior to the 1998 Boston Marathon, at the age of 33, Trujillo decided to retire from competitive running. Over the years his body had gotten pretty banged up and he no longer could manage the training required to be competitive in long distances. In short, Trujillo was burned out and getting whupped in races! So he stepped away from the sport and competing in general. By 2010, Trujillo felt that 12 years away from competitive running had actually helped his body recover from all those years of hard-core training and racing. It has taken more than two years to get back into top racing form, but the hard work has paid off. After turning 45 in 2011, K decided to resurrect his athletic career, but now as a triathlete.


After only eight races in his first triathlon season in 2011, he realized that he could still lay the hammer down! His initial mind set was to see how well he could do in his age group, but what happened was much better: he found himself competing for the overall win at most races. Competing as a true master’s division amateur has brought him a great deal of personal satisfaction, and regularly beating fast guys half his age feels pretty good too. His first place finish overall at the Denver Sprint Triathlon and a fourth place in LA in 2011 persuaded him to set his sights even higher moving forward. He now plans to train and race with a vengeance, with the goal of dominating his age group and being a serious overall podium threat at every race he enters. In fact, from 2011 to 2017, he logged 35 + AG podium victories, and in 2015, 2016, 2017 he earned USTF All American status.


Trujillo clinched another milestone in November 2015, when he raced in the first ITU Draft-Legal Sprint Triathlon for amateurs in Clermont, Florida, and took fifth in his age group. This high finish qualified him for the 2016 ITU Draft-Legal Sprint World Championships to be held in Cozumel Mexico, in September 2016.  He continued that success the following year with another US team selection for the 2017 ITU Draft-Legal Sprint World Championships in Rotterdam, Netherlands. On October 8, 2017 Trujillo won his first ever ITU Draft-Legal Sprint National Championships in SARASOTA, Florida. This finish will once again garner Trujillo a spot on Team USA for the ITU Draft-Legal Sprint World Championships to be held in Gold Coast, Australia in 2018. On October 13, 2018 Trujillo finished second at the ITU Draft Legal Sprint National Championships in SARASOTA, Florida. Once again he earned a spot on Team USA for the ITU Draft-Legal Sprint World Championships to be held in Lausanne, Switzerland in 2019.


His continuing goals are to learn as much as he can about triathlon training and to continue getting faster in all three disciplines. He continues to shoot for a “perfect” undefeated season. In addition, he would like to help others become healthier, find their athlete within, and promote the sport of triathlon and duathlon. His off-season training is geared toward helping him get close to finishing the sprint-distance discipline in one hour, which includes a sub-18 minute 5k at the end of the race. He is currently structuring his race schedule to focus on the top sprint triathlons in Colorado, National and World Championship events. He currently trains with the number one triathlon club in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club, which boasts over 400 + members.


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Sponsorship Proposal

Professional, elite and community athletes alike are powerful tools in projecting influence and buying habits of other athletes. Get involved today by reviewing and selecting a level that best suits your needs. My sponsorship drive takes place from August through February for the following race season. ONE-OFF and CO-OP sponsorships are available all year round!

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ONE-OFF $500 (multiple available). The one-off is designed to provide sponsor a custom-designed training suit that athlete will train frequently in. This suit is custom-designed by Champions Systems. Available in Speed Suit or Tri Suit. Your logo will dominate this training suit without any other logos. Additional benefits include: Endorsement and suit display with link on my website with Social Media plugs, photos, hashtags and cross exposure here on KUVINN. Non-Category Exclusivity. See the ONE-OFF mock-up here


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I am also available for special appearances, video blogs, and photoshoots. Please message me before purchasing a sponsorship option. I look forward to hearing from you.


Charles Trujillo

Team USA


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Charles Trujillo


United States


Triathlete | Duathlete | Runner


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