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Your details section enables you to share more specific details about yourself. You can also post your status and other interests. It’s a great way to identify others and share your intentions and a little bit about yourself. 

Our events page will serve as a place for you to find top endurance sporting events around the world. Events will be selected by our marketing team, and our events calendar will be updated frequently. We will also support and promote local events, and those that we endorse will receive worldwide exposure. 

We accept Pay Pal, Venmo, Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. You will have an opportunity to select your payment option at check out. For security reasons, we do not store credit card numbers or data. We do this to protect you from unwanted hackers and breaches. You will have to enter your credit card info every time you make a purchase on Kuvinn. It’s safe, secure, and smart. 

We collect your data when you create a profile. We also collect information contained in the messages you send through our Platform. To be clear, though, we do not share your information with anybody! We do not sell your personal data to third-party service providers such as cloud storage providers or other IT service providers. We do not share your information with our business partners, sponsors, analytics, or search engine providers. We may share your information with law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or government bodies as required by law.

This section allows you to publish your biography and any sports-related history. Not good with words? Then allow us to write your biography for you. Our compelling content writers will design a great story around your accomplishments and journey as an athlete. You can hire one of our content writers under our services page. 

Make sure to upload images that is lager than 1300 px wide, and 225 px tall or larger. Feel free to crop or style out your image before uploading it. Try – Photo editing and graphic design made for everyone. Canva is also a great design resource. 

You will be prompted to enter your credit card information for memberships, services, sponsorships, or marketplace purchases. Your credit card number will never be saved on our servers. Protecting you from unwanted access to your credit card information and any virtual breaches is a top priority. 

We will never hide, mislead, or flagrantly use your personal data for our own financial gain. Unlike the data breaches that occur on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, you will never have to worry about your personal data being abused on this website. See our Privacy Policy page to gain more insight.

“I have passed on many things that I could easily regret, but I don’t regret any of them, because that also gives room for something else to come that I’m proud of” -Javier Bardem (actor)

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