The following is a list of eligible entities for whom kuvinn was created. If you wish to enjoy all the benefits kuvinn has to offer, we advise that you become one of these entities. If your endurance sports entity was omitted, please inform us. The entities are listed in no particular order.


Runners, cyclists, swimmers, martial artists, boxers, archers, cyclocross riders, bodybuilders, golfers, fencers, gymnasts, weightlifters, duathletes, triathletes, surfers, track and field athletes, skiers, snowboarders, racers, mountain bikers, equestrians, tennis players, climbers, skydivers, open water swimmers, wrestlers, fitness models, dancers, yogis, skaters, wakeboarders, kayakers, F1 drivers, Indy Light drivers, Indy drivers and IMSA drivers. No matter what your status is - be it a middle school athlete, high school athlete, student-athlete, amateur, semi-pro, professional, or weekend warrior - and no matter what your skill level is, we hope that Kuvinn becomes a hub where we can all come together to help one another improve and climb to higher levels of success.


From local sports festivals to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, if you are a part of any sporting event, then you qualify. Do you work behind the scenes to ensure that these events run smoothly? If so, then you are invited!


Fans, shops, trainers, managers, instructors, agents, coaches, advisors, mentors, brands, clubs, NGBs, sponsors, life coaches, health coaches, sports photographers, massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, dietitians, and nutritionists, sports psychologists, therapists, and ambassador programs are all welcome!


Multisport, Soccer, ice hockey, rugby, volleyball, handball, lacrosse, pickleball, softball, water polo, cricket, cycling, baseball, golf, bowling, running, triathlon, mountain biking, duathlon, sailing, squash, rowing, NASCAR, Rallycross, Formula One, F2, IndyCar, IMSA, Indy Lights, GT, touring, and drag racing.


Venues include soccer stadiums, professional beach volleyball pop-ups, tracks, velodromes, rowing venues, tennis courts, skate parks, ice rinks, motocross courses, ski mountains, swimming pools, race tracks, and any kind of endurance sports venue.

Warning: Please be a genuine sports enthusiast who is keen on improving their skills and crushing it in fitness. We are always on the lookout for fake identities, artificial traffic, and malicious activity.

For those who sign up for Kuvinn and qualify, you will receive a shout-out via our Instagram account. Be one of the many to join and follow our unique niche community.