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For a limited time only, until we grow our user base, we are offering free banner ad placements on our platform. If your company or brand would like to align with a social network whose sole target is the endurance sports industry, KUVINN is your best bet. Partner with us as we conquer new grounds in sports. Create your page and contact us now. 

Are you looking to make your brand a household name within the sporting community? KUVINN let's you reach out to the right audience. We provide you with a lot of styling options to help you create ads that are sure to convert. One of the core tenets upon KUVINN is built is providing an ad-free experience for our users. In line with this vision, we limit ad placements to specific sections of our platform. Please review the page options below, so you know where your ads can be deployed.  


Landing Page Logo


We frequently update our landing page with new sponsor logos. This can come in many different visual forms: logo stripes, edge-to-edge banners, off edge banners, header dropdowns, videos, or newsreels. The logos will be optimally positioned for the best visibility for your brand. 


Activity Feed Side Bar Ad


Our sidebar area provides a variety of ways to promote your brand to our users. Our sidebar ad area is static and will be seen by our community browsing the activity feed. A variety of ad options are available. 

User Side Bar Ad


Our sidebar area provides a variety of ways to promote your brand to our users. Our sidebar ad area is static and will be seen on all users’ sidebar. A variety of ad options are available. 

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These layered logo banners will appear throughout the site. They will help promote our site and team sponsors. It’s a cost-effective way to get behind our efforts and gain exposure in the endurance sports industry.  

Team Backer

$25 +

Our team will offer a variety of sponsorship options for you to leverage your brand on highly visible athletes who are hand-selected by our marketing team. The racing team option offers a way to engage in and support the KUVINN moment. 


Product Review


Share your product with the endurance sports industry. You can send us a sample of your product, and one of our decorated staff members will test it and write about it. Your review will be accompanied by a 750 word essay, images, and quotes.


Sub Page Ad


Throughout our site, advertising areas will be provided. These areas will be available on content-driven pages only. It’s a great way to tie your brand to our site and gain ownership over a page. 

Blog Post


Have one of our magnificent writers compose a short article or story on your product or brand. See our blog to select the author whose writing style best suits your needs.

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We can design all kinds of coupons for your product or brand. Your coupon can be placed in a variety of prime locations on our site where we allow advertisements.

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