Our platform is continually evolving and ever changing. We will continue to adopt new strategies to accommodate these changes by adding, tweaking, and removing features based on user feedback. So keep it coming! Below is a small sample of features and what you can expect from KUVINN.

Breathtaking profiles

Sharing your meaningful moments and thoughtful insights has never been so easily done. You can seamlessly design a beautiful profile to showcase your authentic self to the world. KUVINN provides you with a clean user-friendly interface to help share your personality, portfolio, photos, videos, and much more. It’s all presented in a visually stunning manner that makes your brand pop. There is a plethora of features to help you manage your content. Want stuff private? That’s fine. You get to share only what you like with the world and keep the content for your eyes only private. And it’s all mobile-friendly, so you can stay in touch and up to date while on the go!

Get sponsored

We bridge the gap between sponsors and athletes. KUVINN lets you get in touch with brands, sponsors, backers, and people who genuinely want to support you. You can compose your very own sponsorship proposal. You can also get inspiration and advice from other athletes to help present yourself in the best way possible.

Date an athlete

Have you always wanted to date a bonafide athlete? Well, that reality is now at your fingertips. KUVINN lets you search athletes to train with, meet, network with, and date! Although KUVINN is quite new, our user base is growing at a steady pace and will, in the not so distant future, become the premier platform for athletes online. KUVINN provides you with the right tools you need to find the right people.

Share insights. Be inspired.

KUVINN offers you a secure messaging system that lets you get in touch with other athletes, teams, clubs, or brands. We let you share ideas and useful information to help you advance your sporting career. Whether it’s training tips, diet tips, results, lap times etc., it’s all just a click away.

Connect socially

When you link all your social media accounts to your KUVINN profile, your KUVINN account acts as a hub for all your social media activity. Just log into your KUVINN account and Voila! You have access to all your other social media platforms.

Ad free

Browsing through KUVINN is an ad-free experience. Whether you are perusing your activity feed, wall, or profile, there are no ads. We strive to maintain a clean experience in which you are not barraged with offers or discounts. There is a clear focus, bringing the sports community together. We only promote brands that sponsor us within specific sections of our site.

Personal data

Unlike other social media platforms, we are very keen on protecting your private information. We will not share your data with any third party service provider or any of our business partners. Whatever you share with KUVINN stays with KUVINN.


Your messages, photos, content, and personal information are in trusted hands. We employ a 128-bit SSL encryption to safeguard all your data. This enables us to detect fake identities, traffic, posts, and any attempts to hack into our platform. We also rely on your trusted vigilance to help us deal with potential threats. Notice anything fishy? Get in touch with us.


We are a small start-up and do not provide phone support at this time. To report a technical issue, make a suggestion, or ask a question, please reach out online, and someone from our support team will get back to you within 24 hours.

What Are We Working On?