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Our FAQ's may be updated from time to time. The date and nature of changes made will be listed below.

20 September 2023

Is it free?

Viewing our platform is free, but in order to create a profile, comment, message, or post, you must pay the $12 annual registration fee. This fee pays for operational costs and enables us to eliminate all bots, fake accounts, and bad actors, thus making kuvinn’s user participation 100% genuine. This is good for you and good for us! Please check our entities page to ensure that kuvinn is the right platform for you.

No Google Ad's

That’s right! You will never see a Google Ad on our website. Our advertisers are hand-picked by our marketing team and must meet our qualifications. Advertisers come in the form of sponsors of either our website or our racing program. 

Giving back

Once our company is profitable, we intend to give back by sponsoring individuals, teams, and events in local communities everywhere. A large portion of our revenue will go directly to financing our operational costs, sponsoring entities, and supporting our race program.


Our platform is continually evolving and ever-changing. We will continue to adopt new strategies to accommodate these changes by adding, tweaking, and removing features based on user feedback. Please check our Features page to learn more.


Our site is not for everyone. To access our site, you must be one of our endurance sports entities, such as athletes, teams, events, venues, or others who work in the endurance sports industry. Please visit our entities page to learn more.


Our platform is designed to complement your current online presence or serve as an additional exposure page. We offer tools that enable you to craft a stunning profile to help you promote yourself and gain sponsorships or backers.

User Experience

Our goal is to provide you with an athlete-driven community, a user-friendly dashboard, and a visual experience unlike any other social media platform. Kuvinn is designed specifically for the endurance sports industry.


We will be making frequent updates as we roll out our website. Please refresh your screen and clear your cache often to see these changes. After we launch our app, you will be notified of any updates.


Yes, you can use this platform to search for athletes to train with, meet, network with, and even date! You can easily display your status on your profile. We also offer a dating profile add-on for an additional fee. Click on “Date An Athlete” to get more details.


Our real-time messaging system works a lot like Messenger. Direct messages are private conversations between you and other people. We are currently working on new communication features to help connect our community even more. Stay tuned.


Your wall is a place for you to share your experiences in your sport. Think of your profile as a canvas. It’s not about how often you post, but what you display. You can easily edit your wall as often as you like. Please note that non-endurance sports-related content will not be allowed.


Feel free to upload any action photos to your wall. We will occasionally select images to highlight on our site, and we will always ask for permission before using them. If you feel that your image is being used without your consent, please contact us, and we will correct any errors.


Feel free to upload any action videos to your wall. We occasionally select videos to showcase on our site. We will always seek permission before using any video content. If you feel that your video is being used without your consent, please contact us, and we will rectify the situation.


We are all fans. If you are a user and you like what someone is doing, then “fan” them. Our platform is intended for networking and to inspire others who share common interests.


In an effort to support our users and the endurance sports industry, we welcome all forms of backers. Our users embody the spirit of athleticism, sports, and a healthy lifestyle. Backers are crucial in providing additional financial support to our users, which allows them to travel to races, buy equipment, and hire coaches. Please feel free to support any of our users by looking for the “Back Direct” section on their profile. You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to support any athlete, team, event, or venue in the world.


Sponsorship and support come in all guises and forms. One of the sole purposes of Kuvinn is to enable you, “the user,” to compose an amazing sponsorship proposal that grants you sponsors and backers. Not everyone requires an agent, so Kuvinn is a great alternative for gathering support and leveraging networking opportunities. Check out other users’ sponsorship sections to get ideas.


This section enables you to share more specific details about yourself, including your interests and current status. It’s a great way to connect with others and share a little bit about yourself.


This section enables you to publish your biography and any sports-related history.


“Our Events” page will serve as a locator for you to discover the best endurance sports events around the world. We aim to launch this exciting new feature in the spring of ’24.

Profile Cover

Make sure to upload images that are larger than 1300 pixels wide and 225 pixels tall. Feel free to crop or style your image before uploading it. You can try befunky.com or canva.com for photo editing and graphic design, as both options are great design resources accessible to everyone.


We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express using Stripe for payment. For security purposes, we avoid storing credit card numbers or data. We guarantee protection from unauthorized hackers and data breaches. Each time you make a purchase on Kuvinn, you will need to enter your credit card information. This is a safe, secure, and smart approach to ensure that your information is not compromised.

Credit Cards

You will be prompted to enter your credit card information for sponsorships, services, or other purchases. Your credit card number will never be saved on our servers. Protecting you from unwanted access to your credit card information and virtual breaches is a top priority for us.

Personal Data

We collect your data when you create a profile, and we also collect the information included in the messages you send through our platform. To be clear, however, we do not share your information with anyone! We do not sell your personal data to third-party service providers, such as cloud storage providers, or other IT service providers. Additionally, we do not share your information with our business partners, sponsors, analytics, or search engine providers. The only time we may share your information is with law enforcement agencies, public authorities, or government bodies if required by law.


We will never hide, mislead, or flagrantly use your personal data for our own financial gain. Unlike the data breaches that occur on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube, you will never have to worry about your personal data being abused on this website. Please visit our Privacy page to gain more insight.


We are a small start-up company based in Denver, Colorado. We currently do not offer phone support, but we will respond to any inquiries made online as quickly as possible.


We monitor our site 24/7 and are always on the lookout for fake profiles, artificial traffic, and malicious activity. We rely on our users to report any abuse and aim to keep all members safe.

Racing Team

Our official racing team will be selected and curated from athletes on Kuvinn; we are not accepting applications. Our marketing team will vet and handpick all team members. The team aims to promote the Kuvinn brand and mission. The announcement of new team members will be made here on Kuvinn. For further information, visit the racing team page at https://kuvinn.com/racing-team/.


If you are a student-athlete, please be advised on what you are allowed to display and what you can request through sponsorship. Check with your coach to make sure that you do not accept any compensation that would jeopardize your eligibility or scholarship.


At Kuvinn, we strive to create a safe environment for our online community. As the provider of the service, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently suspend any account for inappropriate or harmful conduct, to uphold the integrity of our online community. We do not tolerate any form of harassment or hateful behavior from users on our website. Please report any misconduct that you experience or witness. For more information, please refer to our code of conduct and guidelines.


You have the option to block any user, which can be found on their profile. This action will remove the user from your connections and send a report to the administrator. Multiple blocks can lead to suspension.

Vs. GoFundMe

Unlike GoFundMe, Kuvinn is the premier choice for directly sponsoring and supporting endurance athletes worldwide. Forget any apprehension you may have felt when donating to an athlete on GoFundMe; here, you can easily contribute any amount to an athlete’s success by sponsoring or backing them directly.

Vs. Facebook

Many people would agree that Facebook has become an undesirable social network. Are you tired of being bombarded with ads, solicited by businesses, and subject to deceptive algorithms? Not to mention the selling of your data, hacks, and breaches. We believe that social networking should be more focused on the user and more niche, rather than on making money.


Our SSL certificate protects the data that goes to and from your profile, including personal information and credit card numbers. This protection makes it impossible for hackers to read your data. We take data protection seriously, so rest assured that you are in good hands.

Fake Accounts

We will not tolerate any fake or artificial identities. Such activity will be noticed, and the profile will be removed from our platform immediately. We rely on our user base to report any malicious activity.


We are always looking for ways to improve the platform. Please let us know if you think that we need to add or change something.


We usually use images taken from the internet. Moreover, we make use of free images offered by Pexels and Unsplash. If you happen to find out that your image has been used without your permission, please contact us, and we will resolve the issue.


Please ensure to use a strong password when you register for an account. If required, you can utilize an online password generator like lastpass.com. Additionally, it is important to update your password on a regular basis.

I Accept

In the “Payment Methods” section of your profile, please list the payment methods that you accept. For example, you may include PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or Facebook Pay. Payments from Backers will be made directly to you.


It is the same as a username. If your name is available, use it. Otherwise, we recommend using a URL extension that you have used on other platforms. This will help maintain identity consistency.


We rely on our users to report any inappropriate activity. You will see this option under posts, etc. If you believe that a user is posting inappropriate content, please use this option to notify us.


In some cases, we may suspend your account if other users report you. You must ensure that you follow our code of conduct, privacy policy, and guidelines. Our team reviews all suspended accounts and can reactivate them based on the circumstances.