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As you know, the world is becoming more digitized, and so should your online approach to dating.

Here at kuvinn, we provide unique dating opportunities for our users.

Unlike cookie-cutter approaches, we custom design every individual dating profile from scratch.

When you join kuvinn, we are able to eliminate bots, fake profiles and bad actors from our platform, making your experience 100% authentic.

From the information you provide, we develop a visual representation of your brand (your brand identity) in order to breathe life into your story, bringing shapes, colors, typography, and images together to create your professional online dating profile.

Four easy steps

1. Fill out the form to the right

*We use this information to craft your profile

2. Push the submit button

*Proof your profile and request any final touches or changes with your designer.

3. Pay the custom profile fee

*Each custom profile costs $ and is set to auto re-new every six months.

4. Go live

*Post your personal dating URL on your kuvinn profile under DAA.


Your info is safe with us. We do not sell your personal data to third-party service providers such as cloud storage providers or other IT service providers. We do not share your information with our business partners, sponsors, analytics, or search engine providers. We do not add your email address to any mailing lists. Your info is safe and secure with us. It is used only for building your dating profile.

Please be a genuine sporting enthusiast who is keen on improving his or her skills and crushing it as it relates to fitness. Like your sport, finding your soulmate is a serious business. Make sure you're ready.