Giving back

Our purpose is not to drain you of your resources but rather to provide a much-needed platform in this space. It’s rare that any start-up would commit to all of its revenue going back to the community for which it was intended. The endurance sports industry is always in need of support, and our goal is to help provide some relief. Whether you’re a sponsor, use one of our services, back one of our projects, or make a donation, you can rest assured that your money is being used in some way to support endurance sports.
Our intention is to build one of the finest athlete-driven social networks on the internet. We understand this will take time. Our mission is to slowly grow our site organically starting here in Colorado, one member at a time. As word spreads, we hope athletes and sports identities from around the world will utilize kuvinn for its promotional benefits! Once our company is profitable, we intend to give back by sponsoring individuals, teams, and events in local communities everywhere. 100% of site revenue will go directly to financing our operational costs and race team. The cool thing about our advertising efforts is that you’ll never see an advertisement on our news feed or your wall. Advertising will be allowed only in specific areas on the site. Site sponsors will be hand-picked by our marketing team to ensure they meet our alignment standards before appearing on kuvinn.

In 2022, we intend to launch our very own race team. This is not an ambassador program! This is a full-fledged race team that will be financed by kuvinn revenue! All athletes will be selected from our user base, so no need to apply. It will be a small niche team to start with, but it will expand as our budget increases. More details will be released late fall 2021 via our social media channels and here on kuvinn.

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